Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vintage Tattoos - 10 Vintage Tattoo Design Ideas

In this article I like to talk about 10 of the best classic tattoo designs, and maybe help you decide what the best tattoo design is for you. When I started to compile my top 10 it brought back a lot of good memories for me, I hope it does for you.

Anchor TattooAnchor Tattoo

Anchor Tattoo: What a classic this design is, it has been around as long as sailors have sailed the seven seas. Not as popular nowadays, but it still popular with sea fairing folk.

Bluebird Tattoo: Remember the blue birds; it seemed every second person had this tattoo. Usually, the picture depicted two blue birds in flight carrying a scroll with a loved one's name on it. Where are they now? Come back little blue birds!

Bluebird TattooMum & Dad Tattoo

Mum & Dad Tattoo: Now I do feel old. If you had a bluebird you probably had a mum and dad tattoo. I always thought this tattoo was a way of winning the parents over, so you could get more tattoos.
strong>Dagger & Snake Tattoo: Another classic I can identify with, as my father had this tattoo. The dagger was piercing a heart with my name underneath. What was he trying to say?

Pin-up Girl Tattoo: A vintage design that has stood the test of time, still seen today in many themes, or on its own. But one pin-up girl who has disappeared is the Hula girl. Sorry to say, she hula's no more.

Pin-up Girl TattooSpider Web Tattoo

Spider Web Tattoo: A Great classic that has survived and is usually seen in conjunction with scary themes. You do though; still see the odd spider web on the elbow.
American Indian Tattoo: Love this design. Most people who got this tattoo design were not American Indians, or more than likely, had never met one, but they did want to capture the spirit of the Indian, and what's wrong with that?

American Indian TattooLove Heart Tattoo

Love Heart Tattoo: Still a very popular design with people of all ages, and for good reasons. This symbol of love has come a long way in design since the arrow through the heart was your best choice.
Eagle Tattoo: you can't talk about vintage and not mention the eagle. The eagle tattoo has stood the test of time, still as popular today with all freedom loving people.

Eagle TattooSkull & Crossbones Tattoo

Skull & Crossbones Tattoo: Last but not least, the skull tattoo design has had many makeovers, from ghoulish to funny, as a matter of fact if you are on Twitter; look up my user (sssportster), my logo is the same skull tattoo on my arm.

Of course, tattoo design has come a long way in the past 50 years, and the designs and colours are only limited by your imagination. Is there still room for the classics I've talked about? I like to think so, and I'm pretty sure any good tattoo artist would be happy to give you one of my top 10 vintage tattoos, with perhaps, a touch of today's razzle, dazzle.
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