Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve tattoos as the name suggests are inked on the areas above the hand. It may be full sleeves, half sleeves or quarter sleeves providing a range of length types. A full length sleeve tattoo starts from the shoulder to the wrist.,+Neck+%26+Sleeve+Tattoos.jpgSleeve Tattoo

People have admitted that tattooing is a kind of addiction just like other addictive pleasures. Some people start inking a small area and gradually expand their artwork patch into other areas on their bodies. It is said that tattooing results in some kind of therapy which is induced while the needles are being pricked.

The tattooing process can be undertaken in two ways i.e. deliberate and unintentional. In the former the process of tattooing is pre-planned. The design or a mural story is defined which requires a process of extensive thought with the artist, the entire design process is better if shared.

Sleeve TattooSleeve Tattoo

Therefore, when you plan to get your own sleeve tattoo created, a certain theme or pattern must be followed. There are various forms of sleeve tattoos. To begin with a flame sleeve is one whose inception is at the wrist and it should gradually precede up the arm flaring as it does.

Sleeve Tattoo-dragon Sleeve TattooSleeve Tattoo-japanese samurai Tattoo

More intricate and complex designs can be incorporated at the shoulder blades since the tattoo can be used to enhance the muscle and the bicep area. Another form of tattoo is the tribal type which makes use of large designs, usually done with a goog quality indian ink.

These types of designs can be related to spiritualism or environment related. Examples are: Hawaiian and Maori etc.

The celtic design which involves the use of interwoven lines to create a pattern. This design can usually be placed in the bicep area.

Sleeve Tattoo-Sleeve Tattoo for womenSleeve Tattoo-arm Tattoo

Floral patterns can also be used. The artist should take into account that the flowers are made in a way which are flexible and therefore can be elaborated upon later.

Lastly, the Japanese tattoo called the kakau. An example of such design would be dragons that can be inked on your back

The sleeve tattoo can encompass a combination of designs in order to attain a suitably attractive sleeve.

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