Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Koi Fish Tattoos - Strength and Beauty on Your Body

The Koi fish or Carp is a common tattooing symbol with Japanese and Chinese origins. The myth says that Koi are able to transform through their efforts into dragons, or they can climb waterfalls. They are the symbol of perseverance in hard times. The Carp can also represent strength, wisdom, knowledge, and loyalty.

Koi Fish TattoosKoi Fish Tattoos

Koi come in various bright colors like orange, gold and yellow. It is no wonder that such myth surrounds this animal and that it is associated with longevity, as it can outlast human generations. Although the average age for a Koi is 15-30 years, there was a specimen which reportedly died at the age of 226. The way Koi swim with their beautiful colors has inspired many artists, including tattoo artists.

Koi Fish TattoosKoi Fish Tattoos

The koifish also symbolizes courage and overcoming life's obstacles. This fish have glided the still waters of ornamental ponds for thousands of years. They can also worth a lot - on an occasion half a million dollars were paid for a fish by a collector.

Koi Fish TattoosKoi Fish Tattoos

In Japan and China the Koi is also a symbol of masculinity and strength. According to the legends, the koi leapt up the falls on the Yellow River in China and transformed into a dragon in the process - proving its strength and perseverance. It is also said that when caught, the Koi awaits the cutting knife without a twitch, like a Samurai facing the sword.

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