Sunday, June 19, 2011

- Here Are Some Tips That Help Prevent That Unwanted Tattoo

There is actually a section on the Internet devoted to ugly tattoos. Of course, the premise is that you can be proud of your ugly tattoo and submit it for posting for all to see. That being the case, the fact remains that 50% of tattoos eventually fall into the unwanted category. There are a lot of reasons for this. Some of these reasons can be avoided by careful planning before the tattoo is applied. Here are some common mistakes that can occur without the proper planning:

Ugly Tattoo ugly tattoos

1. Not understanding what a symbol means. This commonly occurs with symbolic language characters as seen with Chinese and Hebrew text. A slip of the tattoo pen can change the intended meaning of the tattoo. Also, some people are tempted to combine non-English words and their symbols into an English phrase with the expectation that the two symbols combined will produce the same meaning. This is not a good idea. Of course, the solution is to map out your symbols and have them translated by a reliable source.2. Just to let you know, sometimes tattoos are applied upside down. Both the tattoo recipient and the artist are not paying attention.

ugly tattoosugly tattoos

3. Some people use alcohol to enhance their ability to receive a tattoo. Trusting more in the alcohol and the artist may be a prescription for disaster.

4. Spelling mistakes will make you look foolish. How about "your" for "you're" or "awsome" for "awesome." Make sure you see the spelling and agree to it in advance.

5. Tattoos in special locations. It is now possible to put a tattoo on the eyeball! I don't believe it is possible to remove it. Other facial tattoos may be hard to remove as they may leave some residual signs in inaccessible places.

ugly tattoosugly tattoos

6. Using the wrong tattoo removal method. There are many ways to remove a tattoo. People are often drawn to the method by cost considerations and the convenience of the technique. Nevertheless, some methods are prone to leave behind signs of the tattoo or the surgical procedure to remove it.

7. Some tattoos are just too large for the long haul. Sometimes people lose weight or have surgery. The aftermath can drastically alter the shape and aesthetics of the tattoo. Avoid very large tattoos for this reason.

ugly tattoosugly tattoos

8. You may want to stay away from specific names for obvious reasons.

There are some very practical things to consider before you get your tattoo. Still, there are those 50% of tattoos that become unwanted over time. Once the tattoo becomes unwanted, you may find yourself searching for a safe and affordable solution.

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