Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shoulder Blade Tattoos - Find the Best For Your Shoulder

Shoulder blade tattoos can be some of the most prominent tattoos you can get. They also have the ability to be easily covered up. You have the best of both worlds. A woman can be very sensual showing her shoulder blade tattoos with a spaghetti strap or strapless top. Since this tattoo can be very prominent, you want to make sure you get a very unique design. I will tell you the best way to do this.

Shoulder Blade Tattoo_Shoulder Blade Tattoo-Design-For-Women-3

Both men and women find the shoulder blade area a great canvass for tattoos. This is a good place to put a medium to large tattoo since there is a lot of space. The curve of the shoulder blade lends itself perfectly to shoulder blade tattoos of wings. Because of the little amount of fat on the shoulder area, many people consider shoulder blade tattoos as one of the more painful tattoos to receive. But for most people, the pain of a tattoo is part of the process so it isn't considered much.

Shoulder Blade Tattoo-Design-For-Women4#Shoulder Blade Tattoo-Design-For-Women4#

Shoulder blade tattoos can be the start of a larger full back tattoo. Many people get the shoulder tattoo and then go back later to complete the design. Do you have an idea of a large tattoo you would like to get? The whole back can be used like a mural on a wall. There are so many tattoo designs that would look great on the shoulders and back. Looking online through a tattoo gallery can give you plenty of ideas.

Shoulder Blade Tattoo-Design-For-Women6#Shoulder Blade Tattoo-Design-For-Women7#

You want to first think about what you want your shoulder blade tattoo to say to the world. This is your chance to express yourself. Shoulder blade tattoos are bold statements. In this case you want something that is very personal because it will get a lot of attention and will be with you for a long time. Shoulder blade tattoos would be very hard to cover up if you had tattoo regret.

Shoulder Blade Tattoo-Design-For-Women8#Shoulder Blade Tattoo-Design-For-Women9#

A membership online tattoo gallery will have thousands of high quality, professionally designed tattoo designs. If you don't know what type of design you want, you can search through pictures of shoulder blade tattoo designs. But you will probably be overwhelmed if you go to a gallery and don't have any idea of what you like. If you are just looking for something that looks good, think twice, or three times. Getting a tattoo based on what you like at the present may seem like a really bad idea ten years from now.

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