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Tattoos of Crosses - 6 Most Popular Ideas You Should Know

The cross is one of the oldest symbols known to mankind and one of the most popular tattoos. Celtic coins found dated back long before Christianity and cave drawings have also revealed crosses' dating back to the Stone Age. It is not known when or why the first cross was drawn but after the circle the cross is one of the first drawn by children across all cultures, this may be due to the simplicity of the design and the children's exposure to the cross symbol, but it is still an interesting point to ponder.

cross tattoos.jpgcross tattoos.jpg

One of the earliest crosses was the Ancient Egyptian ankh ("meaning handled cross"), or the Key of the Nile, this cross predates the modern cross and was seen as a symbol of life and fertility. The circle on the top represents the sun, the creator of life. The most popular and easily recognisable cross is that of the Christian cross as a symbol of the death of Jesus. The word cross comes from the Latin "crux", meaning to torture, and torture it certainly was, and whether you believe the biblical version of events or not, there can be no doubt that this symbol of sacrifice propelled Christianity into the religious juggernaut we see today.

Jesus was not the first to die on a cross and he certainly was not the last. Many of the disciples of Jesus also met the same fate, most notably St. Peter who insisted on being crucified upside as he thought he was unworthy to be compared to Jesus. This upside cross is still used today in some Catholic ceremonies to symbolise humbleness and respect to Jesus.

An unfortunate side effect of this popularity is that it can be very difficult to located original, high quality artwork and most people unwittingly settle for low quality generic designs. This article delves into the ways one can locate polished, superior cross tattoo designs without having to wade through hundreds of the same old artwork they have seen a million times before.

Today, tattoos of crosses are very famous and common style designs. When we talk about crosses tattoo, almost people think about celtic tattoo design, because this design is the most popular. But not many people know that there are many crosses tattoo designs. In this article, I will list 6 most popular design ideas. This will help you have a big picture of c tattoos.

1. Celtic Tattoos of Crosses:

Of course, this is first Tattoos in out list. Celtic crosses originated from the early Celtic Christians. They're distinctive in that they have a circle binding the horizontal and vertical bars symbolizing the union between heaven and earth.
There is a wide range of traditional designs when you look into Celtic cross tattoos. Symbols used in ancient Celtic imagery draw on the powerful forces of nature. Celtic design tattoos and artwork originated from the Celts' magical legends, which recognized the connection of all life forms. The Celtic cross design shows a cross with a ring around the intersection. This detailed design is also called the Irish Cross.

Celtic crosses TattoosCeltic crosses Tattoos

What is the symbolism of Celtic cross tattoos? Much of the translation of the Celtic design tattoos and symbols remains a mystery to us because they are dated before the time of written records. We rely heavily on oral histories to guide us in the observations of such extraordinary Celtic art that we see displayed in age-old manuscripts such as the prized Book of Kells.

The High Cross is one of the best-known Celtic symbols and Celtic tattoos. Celtic knot word interweaves a complex pattern to form a cross, which stands for a crossroads. You may find yourself at the beginning or end of a long journey. Celtic cross tattoos can symbolize a decision you have made or a plan. The circle is drawn as a sign of everlasting.

Celtic crosses TattoosCeltic crosses Tattoos

There are many different ways of interpreting the original purpose of Celtic crosses. As a Celtic design tattoo, the owner allows it to take on a personal meaning. Celtic cross tattoos evoke a spiritual vision of the universe. The cross points to all four directions: north, south, east, and west. It can also be related to four elements: air, earth, fire, and water. The cross enclosed within the circle suggests a place where time and space cease to exist.

The cross emerged as a Christian symbol in the 4th century, although it has a much older, pre-Christianity origin. Despite its long reign as the adopted symbol of Christians, its prehistoric meanings have not altogether vanished. Religion groups are often surprised to learn that their recognized religious symbols often had beginnings in pagan rituals. Pagans saw the circle of the Celtic cross as representative of the sun. They viewed sketches of the Celtic cross as a communication between their worlds and beyond.

Celtic crosses TattoosCeltic crosses Tattoos

The word cross in English comes from the Old Irish word, crux. The Celtic cross was believed a symbol of protection across superstitious medieval Europe. They found solace in the notion it would dispel bad spirits from the wearer. The cross continues to be respected in regards to the religious protection of the bearer.

The Celtic monks of the early Church practiced a simpler style of life, close to nature. St. Patrick was said to have used the Celtic cross to bring the Druids to Christianity. By using a familiar sight to them, it helped bright them together. Druids worshiped nature, and the missionaries build on what the groups shared in common to convert them.

Celtic cross tattoos can represent your ethnic heritage. They are often worn as a decorative emblem of pride in Irish, Scottish, or Welsh ancestry. Scandinavians are also drawn to the Celtic cross. Norse and Celtic art was exchanged between cultures during both trade and war.

2. Gothic Tattoos of Crosses

Second idea from list, I want to introduce about Gothic Crosses. This is also very popular cross tattoo design. A Germanic fashion originating from ancient tribes in Germania. They are an extremely comparable basic shape towards the Latin cross but with sharp points making them look almost weapon-like.Gothic cross tattoos are very popular and are ordinarily encompassed in a bunch of ornamentation. This is their manner of observing the so-called beauty of death. Gothic fantasy art tattoos: figures such as the dragon, fairies, and the like are a big part of 'fantasy tattoos'. These Gothic tattoos symbolize the interest and the impressions of individuals that were alive during medieval times. The designs are inclined to be based on fantasy and mythological in nature.

Gothic crosses TattoosGothic crosses Tattoos

Occult tattoos are a secondary family of Gothic tattoos that covers what could be labeled 'occult'. These images are affiliated with white witchcraft likewise better-known as the viking runes, wicca, the tarot, and other magic prophesy and craft. Images like the 'athame' (a double-edged blade employed for white witchcraft), the 'pentacle' (the five-pointed star), and images linked to the four elements (fire, earth, water, and air) fall under the wicca tattoos. Many think these occult Gothic tattoos to be sinister, but upon deeper scrutiny, you will see that this often is not true.

Gothic cross tattoos are symbolic representations of Christianity that take on a darker side. The Gothic subculture is obsessed with dying and the tattoos that stand for it demonstrate that concern. Throughout the designs you will find an expression of anger and anguish.

Gothic crosses TattoosGothic crosses Tattoos

Gothic patterns can be extremely unsettling because they are centered more or less on darkness and death. Gothic cross tattoos will usually have a type of image constituting death included. You could find a dagger intertwined within the cross with a individual drop of blood falling off the blade. Barbed wire passing around the center of the cross where the two parts cross is popular.

Whether you agree or not with the associations of Gothic cross tattoos, there is no denying their popularity and beauty. It is important to find a great design and, more importantly, a great tattoo artist who is qualified and talented enough to ink your tattoo.

3. Ankh Tattoos of Crosses

This is a well-liked non-christian design that originated in historic Egypt. The cross symbolized a key utilized by the gods to awaken souls as they crossed into the afterlife. It is an extremely appealing design that is available in a number of styles. It's similar to a Latin cross except that rather than a vertical bar over the cross it includes a loop or deal with - this is why it is sometimes known because the "handled cross". Just like the Latin cross, these come with many embellishments and can represent completely various characters.The ankh or ankh cross is probably the the best known of all Egyptian symbols. I love its simplistic design and how it combines a loop and cross piece. No one knows for certain the origin of the ankh symbol and its meaning has several interpretations. The general belief is that the ankh is a symbol of all life, both divine and human. I think this makes it a great tattoo choice.

Ankh crosses TattoosAnkh crosses Tattoos

Two elements that Egyptians believed were essential for life were the air and the sun. One theory is that the design of the ankh represents a sun rise. The loop representing the Sun rising above the horizon. The crossbar being the horizon and the vertical section below the crossbar being the path of the sun.

Another theory is that the top loop represents the vagina, and the cross piece and vertical section symbolizing the penis and testicles. Together, as sexual organs, they present and symbolize the moment of when man and woman come together for the creation of life which is perhaps the greatest and most mysterious miracle known to man.

I like my tattoos to be simplistic, meaningful and well designed. I don't like flashy tattoos that have little or no meaning. If you are interested in getting a elegant and meaningful tattoo I recommend you do a little research on Egyptian mythology. If the ankh doesn't take your fancy you could take a look at the Eye of Horus. I am having a design made for that as well.

4. Maltese Tattoos of Crosses:

This style dates back again towards the crusades and consists of four equal triangles with their factors in the center. The eight factors symbolize hero-like qualities including loyalty and contempt of death. It comes in several different variations and is also well-liked with hells angels. It was also symbolic of the Nazis in World War Two.

Maltese crosses TattoosMaltese crosses Tattoos

Finally, there is the Iron Cross. Originally is was a very high honor in the German Military. It was the symbol of triumph and courage. Much of the notoriety of this symbol came when Hitler re-established this honorary medal in WWI. It is really a shame that the decoration has a rather ominous symbolism these days. It really is a very beautiful cross.

5. Crucifix Tattoos of Crosses:

This is really a variation of the Latin cross and most often may have an image of Jesus nailed to the cross. These tattoos of crosses can be of a more symbolic design or they can be extremely illustrative having a detailed image of Christ. Individuals who're strongly spiritual often opt for this fashion.

When we see someone wearing a cross pendant, it causes many bells to ring inside us, and maybe also some sentiments as well. The most important thing the cross symbolizes to a Christian is the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. To the Christian, the cross serves as a reminder of God's act of love in sacrificing His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, at Calvary. The cross also reminds him of Jesus' victory over sin and death.

There are certainly many reasons why Christians wear crosses on them. The message of the cross is the message of hope. It is a kind of an assurance of both God's love and of salvation. And it could at the same time serve the purpose of professing oneself as a Christian. Simply put, the cross for the Christians symbolizes faith, hope, and love, especially the love of God for mankind. There are crosses that have the figurine of Jesus on them which are generally called crucifixes and there are the plain ones without the figurine of Jesus fixed on them. Crucifixes are mainly used in the Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Lutheran Churches.

Crucifix Cross TattoosCrucifix Cross Tattoos

Cross pendants and other types of 'cross jewelry' have for centuries been one way for Christians to show their faith and for a kind of a blessed assurance. But cross jewelry today has also attracted people in non-religious ways. The Christian symbol of the cross had slowly seeped into today's fashion. The famous pop queen, Madonna, had also greatly contributed in making cross jewelry popular the world over. Today, one can see people wearing cross pendants, earrings and rings almost everywhere. One can also see crosses tattooed on bodies as well as printed on shirts and bags. And not all of them are wearing the crosses out of their religious significance. Some just wear them for their own sake. And some do it as a fashionable thing.

Crucifix Cross TattooCrucifix Cross Tattoo

So whether people wear the cross jewelry to profess their faith or just as part of a fashion, one thing for sure is that we'll still be seeing crosses not only on top of the churches but also hanging on people's necks and dangling on their ears for many more years to come.

6. Latin Tattoos of Crosses:

This is the last idea I want to introduce here. The Latin cross will be the 1 that we are most familiar with and is most likely probably the most common cross tattoo design. They can come in several different styles from a simple design, to wood types, with shamrocks, Gothic types with sharp factors and many other people. You may want to embellish the cross with flames, patterns or shading.

Latin cross TattoosLatin cross Tattoos

This type of cross has 3 equal spokes pointing up and to the sides, with one longer spoke pointing down. Used as a pagan symbol before the foundation of the Christian church. As a Christian symbol the Latin cross may be referred to by several different names, western cross, chapel cross, or church cross also commonly referred to as a crucifix. The Latin cross is probably one of the more common tattoo crosses used every day.

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