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Japanese Tattoo Designs - What You Must Know About Japanese Tattoo Designs

There are several types of tattoo designs in the world. However, among the many types of designs available, the most popular are probably Japanese tattoo designs. As a matter of fact, Japanese tattoos are recognized and are used not only by the Japanese but by people all over the world. What is the reason for this? Why did these designs receive such a huge welcome from the international community? What are the characteristics of these fantastic tattoos that make them so popular?

japanese tattoojapanese tattoo


Japanese tattoo designs are very artistic. Most of these designs are very colorful and fluid, making them generally more appealing than other designs. Also, each design is usually made up of more than a single element woven together by intricate patterns of lines, transforming the tattoo into one elaborate painting on the skin.

For example, in more common Japanese designs such as the ones featuring Japanese koi fishes, tattoo masters already use more than six colors to finish the whole picture. This number just continues to go up as the intricacy of the patterns increases.


Japanese tattoo designs are rich in symbolism. This is because the art of Japanese tattooing is backed up by centuries of culture and tradition. Since the Japanese have such high regard for nature and spirituality, they often associate different creatures and places with deep spiritual meanings. This spirituality is what transforms their ink and design into works that embody or symbolize several things.

This is also why certain creatures, especially the more revered ones like the dragon, the tiger, and the Koi fish often make their way into the heart of most Japanese designs. The Japanese hold a special meaning for these creatures which is why they are often used in tattoo designs.

japanese tattoojapanese tattoo

Powerful and Striking

These designs emit a sense of power, so much so that the body where the tattoo is placed on almost disappears instantly behind the picture. The mix of form, color and intricate patterns draws attention unlike any other type of tattoo design. This is also why these designs take much longer to complete than others. The details that come into assembling each design make these designs extremely powerful and alluring.

In contrast to other designs which clearly look and feel like ornamental accessories on the skin, Japanese tattoos are meant to stand out.

japanese tattoojapanese tattoo


The more popular Japanese tattoo designs span the length of almost the entire body. Some of the best and most well known patterns can cover the whole back from the thighs all the way to the shoulders. Some even go all the way to the front reaching and covering the more sensitive areas of the breast, the collar bone, as well the crotch. Can you imagine the pain that these people had to endure just to get a Japanese tattoo?

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