Friday, May 27, 2011

Guy Tattoos - Locating a Good Tattoo For Guys Can Be Difficult

If you plan on looking for some good guy tattoos, you better prepare yourself for a long journey through a mess of generic junk. I say this because the web is over crowded with cookie cutter designs and it makes is close to impossible to locate the websites that actually have fresh, quality artwork. You need a way to reverse this terrible trend and I will help you do it, so that you can easily find the quality guy tattoos you need.

tattoo for guystattoo for guys

When I first started looking into this issue, I could not believe how many men were simply settling on generic tattoo designs. Most of them didn't start out looking for bland, cookie cutter tattoo artwork, but because of not being able to find anything better, they simply picked the best one they could find. This is sad, because no sane man should be "settling" on a tattoo. It's a sure way to end up full of regret and a good way to wind up wishing you would have never gotten tattooed in the first place. Most people that pick random guy tattoos without finding the "exact" one they want will end up regretting the design they get etched on their skin. It's just a fact.

So, why is is so hard to get a hold of great guy tattoos online? This question is very easy to answer. It's because everybody uses search engines and nothing else when looking for tattoo designs. You see, search engines just don't give you a new, fresh list of websites that take pride in having quality artwork. All that pulls up are random, low end galleries that have a bunch of generic, cookie cutter pieces and nothing else.

tattoo for guystattoo for guys

These low end websites keep popping up like wildfire. Do you know what this does to the places that "do" have great guy tattoos? It kicks them to the back of the pile and they get buried in the thousands of pages of search results, never to be found. This is why so many men can't find any of the quality designs they really want.

So, what can you do about this issue? This is also easy to answer. It's a given that you will need an alternate searching method to find quality guy tattoos. The searching method you want to use are forums. I like using the large forums, because for one, they are usually well established, which means that they are usually filled with pretty honest people. Secondly, the big forums always have a big past database of topics on tattoo related subjects. It's the perfect combination, which can help you pin point the sites that have great guy tattoos.

tattoo for guystattoo for guys

You can use these topics to figure out where people all over the planet are finding fresh, quality tattoo designs. Questions are always being asked about where others have somehow found great artwork and answers are not far behind. It's a win/win situation. You get to avoid so much of the generic junk you are accustom to seeing and you get to find all of the hidden galleries that have great guy tattoos.

tattoo for guystattoo for guys

Looking for quality guy tattoos is starting to be harder than trying to fly a kite during a category four hurricane. That's what it seems like to any man who has tried to locate even "one" good gallery of tattoo designs. It's such a problem and it seems to be getting worse. I know how you can easily fix it, though, while finding tons of galleries that will have quality guy tattoos.

I don't just hop onto the internet and start writing about any old subject. I only write about them if they affect me and I see them affecting someone else. This is one of those situations. More and more men and having an extremely difficult time finding good, fresh guy tattoos. Do you want to know why it is happening so much? It's happening because of one very simple reason. Over 95% of people will use a search engine to look for tattoo galleries.

tattoo for guystattoo for guys

That's all it boils down to. Long story short, they just don't work. Actually, I take that back. You can still use them to find generic guy tattoos and tons of cookie cutter artwork. That's about it, though. Search engines keeps pulling up the same stagnant galleries all the time. It's mind boggling why the quality galleries aren't being brought up, but they aren't. There are some fantastic galleries out there, though, that have tons of great guy tattoos. You just aren't going to find many of them while doing this.

tattoo for guystattoo for guys

What you need is a separate way to find them. How do you do this? You do it by using forums instead. The larger the forum you go to, the more topics they are going to have on tattoo related subjects. To find quality guy tattoos, spend a little time looking through some of those great topics, because they are filled with a huge amount of valuable info. This include links to the great galleries other men have somehow found. It's the ultimate way to get a hold of so many of the hidden galleries you are missing out on. It's that simple and it works so much better than the alternative.

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